Welcome to my website

I have always enjoyed creating 3D art and since finishing my degree in Illustration in 2000 my work has evolved into figurative, narrative pieces using polymer clay, textiles and found objects. I find it difficult to define my work as one technique, it is a combination of illustration, sculpture and model making.

Imagination plays a big part in my work, my ideas develop from objects I find, fairy stories and people I see standing at bus stops. I enjoy using elements of humour and pathos in my work which attracts people of all ages who want to know the story behind the pieces.

I have worked as a community artist since graduating and have worked with a whole range of people and groups. I have delivered workshops in many schools and I particularly enjoy the challenge of devising workshops that are both engaging and educational.


Phone: 01472 886017

Mobile: 07512425142

Email: carolynshortuk@hotmail.com