Murals / Artworks

If you are looking to add impact to your building/local area then I can help with the design and production of in situ murals or moveable artworks. These can either be designed by myself working to a brief or can be a collaboration of ideas produced by participants in workshops. If appropriate, in some cases the participants can paint the design themselves with some instruction and guidance.

Lincoln Knights' Trail

'Knight Rider' Sponsored by Denby Transport.

The Fairytale Elephant

Me with Bernard outside Sheffield Cathedral. The design incorporates 22 fairy stories interspersed with metal plates to represent Sheffield's steel industry.

Herd of Sheffield

The arrival of Bernard, he made the Baron's seem small!

A Moth for Amy

'Wonderful Amy' installed on Lowgate, Hull as part of the 'A Moth for Amy' trail, in conjunction with the Amy Johnson Festival to mark the 75th anniversary of Amy's death.
The design features flags from the countries she visited, logos associated with Hull, the Gipsy Moth and the Air Transport Auxiliary, the head is covered with a 1930s stained glass sun and Amy's plane 'Jason'.

Lincoln Barons' Charter Trail

These are the two Barons that I designed and painted for the Lincoln Barons' Charter Trail which celebrates the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. The one on the left is the Truck Driver Baron sponsored by Denby Transport and the right hand one is Mmm...Lincolnshire sponsored by Burton Road Chippy.

Truck Driver Baron

The Truck Driver Baron depicts medieval and modern ways of transporting goods.

Mmm...Lincolnshire Baron

The theme for this Baron is Lincolnshire produce. The Lincolnshire poacher cheese sun shines over local breed animals in fields made from stuffed chine, haslet and plum bread. The Baron also shows cod, haddock and potatoes ready to make yummy fish and chips. Not forgetting the sausages and vegetables that Lincolnshire is famous for.

Black and White local landmarks

School in situ mural from the brief 'Black and White local landmarks'
(Produced whilst working for Artlandish Ltd.)

The Brightening Keelby Campaign Mural Boards

The Brightening Keelby Campaign funded youth club members to design and paint mural boards which were installed in a garden in the village.

Contemplation Canvas

Having worked with every class in the school the drawings were amalgamated to create one vibrant image on an 8ft canvas which was displayed in the school hall. (Produced whilst working for Artlandish Ltd.)